Medical Imaging
MRI machine down? Uptime is CRITICAL.

After a wait of several weeks, the day is finally here.  The patient is gowned, prepped and ready for her imaging study.  The machine is down. Time means more than money.  Disappointment and frustration are two words that come to mind.

First International Courier understands the meaning of Uptime.  Chances are, 70% of all diagnostic imaging machine providers have chosen First International to expedite parts from the plant to the hospital.  We are proud of the difference we make in the reduction of waiting time for patients.

Utilizing a logistics system, designed in house, we are able to find the next flight available from the source city to make a same day shipment a reality.
Manufacturing/Plant Down
Time is money. You don’t need to “cry over spilt milk.”

No part or component is too big or too small.

An assembly line is down at a Dairy plant in Joplin, Missouri.  The part is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is 5:00 A.M. Other “overnight” providers promised one to two day delivery.  That’s a lot of spoiled milk. First International’s solution? A commercial flight from San Juan to Chicago. Then, a flight from Chicago to Springfield, Missouri.  After that, a 100 kilometre drive to Joplin.  Total time from disaster to recover:  15 hours

Aircraft on Ground (AOG)
Not something airlines want to hear, and definitely not what a passenger wants to hear: “The Flight is cancelled.....”

Everyday problems serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying cause delays, cancellations, itinerary changes and money in an industry already “circling the drain” financially.

Whether the part in a kilo and located in Atlanta or an entire jet engine located in Winnipeg, we have the perfect flight plan, truck, or flat-bed to expedite a solution.
Motion Picture/Film and Audio Industries
When the satellite is down.  When Pirates threaten your bottom line.
When the opening is hours away.

On-board couriers are standing by.  At First International Courier we know the meaning of Rushes, Work prints and Opening night!

As a proud sponsor of the Genie Awards for many years running, we have a clear understanding of time-sensitivity.

Cord Blood Banking / Regenerative Medicine
New treatments utilizing cord blood harvested from a baby’s umbilical cord at birth focuses on regenerative medicine.  Doctors use stem cells to repair damaged tissues and organs in the body.  Brain injury, diabetes, and certain forms of cancers are being actively treated today with stem cell transplants.

First International Courier System is proud to the carrier of choice for three out of four banking systems in Canada. Our 24/7 coverage gives peace of mind to new parents who want to preserve stem cells for the future.

We are more than a system, we are parents too.

Biopharmaceutical/Clinical Trials
The medical community has grown to respect our knowledge and our commitment to excellence in the safe and efficient delivery of priority shipments throughout North America and the world.

First International Courier is a leader in the shipment of biopharmaceutical time-sensitive material. We handle blood, tissue, organs for transplant, and biological specimens for research projects. We are familiar with international protocols and we are able to provide solutions, utilize ‘back up plans’ assist with documentation, customs clearance, and all regulatory issues.

After Care Solutions

We are world leaders in the shipment of cremated remains.
Respect, dignity and sensitivity.

We ship cremated remains to all centres in Canada, the United States and the world on a next-flight-out basis.

First International Courier is made up of people who understand – we have all been there ourselves.

Whether you are a funeral home or a person who has suffered a loss.  You can count on First International Courier to be there.
Print Materials

Legal, financial and advertising print materials.
“When downloading just isn’t an option.”

When a fax isn’t good enough.  When an email isn’t secure enough. 
There is First International Courier.

• Court proceedings
• Securities and Exchange Commission documentation
• Initial Public Offerings
• Contracts
• Government documents and parcels
• Creative presentations and collateral 

An envelope, a box or a plane load.  First International Courier gets it done.

We offer complementary sessions
on the shipment of bio-infectious materials with the workshop fee being waived for all clients. These courses are certified and taught in conjunction with Air Canada Cargo trainers.
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  Guaranteed Services
Our service is 100% guaranteed to the exclusion of flight delays or cancellations; Acts of God; and all usual pertaining exclusions covered by the Warsaw Convention.

Have a question? Need help with a shippment? Call us anytime, day or
night and one of our representitives
will be glad to assist you. Please call
1.800.3873896 or email

  Shipping Facts

Infectious substances or possible infectious substances require particular specifications on paperwork and packaging.They must be shipped according to IATA requirements. Talk to us about all your packaging needs.



ISO 9001:2015
We are very pleased to announce First International Courier Systems Inc’s quality management system (QMS) for global, time-critical logistics and transportation services is certified to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
First International Courier is committed to excellence. We are here to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Whether it’s a clinical trial in Taiwan with a delivery in Israel, or a 500 kilo part in Memphis for an MRI machine in Lachine.
We have you covered.
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