Next Flight Out Services

We're Here to take your Call.

First International Courier is the world leader in time critical courier services. 
Our staff and call center operate around the clock and our network never sleeps.

Our customized transportation solutions ensure that your shipment arrives when you want it to - each time – every time.

Door to Door Service
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Instant Critical Response
Logisticians are forming a flight plan and strategy within minutes of your call.

Instant Dispatch
A driver is dispatched immediately – 24/7.

Proof of Delivery (POD)
An immediate callback or email with signature, time and date assures you the shipment has been delivered.

Regulatory Assistance
Expert help in completing all necessary shipping documentation.

Unparalleled Experience and Quality Assurance
Individual handling and monitoring procedures that are specific to your shipment.  Each shipment is customized.  There are no consolidations.

  Hand Carry/On Board Courier Services
A dedicated courier carries your shipment on-board a passenger aircraft and deliveries it directly to the consignee.

Canada, the United States, anywhere in the world.  We’re here to take your call.

  Direct Drives and "Hot Shots"

Time critical shipments are moved 24/7 across North America.  Whether you require a car, a truck or a 53 foot trailer, - our fleet has you covered. 

Simply advise us the size, weight of shipment, where it needs to be and when, we will allocate the right size equipment to meet your deadline.

  Reverse Logistics

After delivering a new part/component to meet a time critical need, we provide reverse logistics to move the defective components to site where it can be rebuilt for future use.

We safely manage your product returns around the clock and door-to-door. Seamless and secure – let us help make your supply chain work effortlessly for you.


We believe a shipment must never stop,
but we understand how it may need to “rest.”

While your package sleeps, we work.

First International Courier reduces the costs associated with warehousing. By providing warehousing that is custom designed to your requirements, First International can provide flexible solutions to all your distribution needs.

Just name the city, tell us what you need and we will provide a solution that is unique to your operation.

Spare parts
Enhance uptime by leaving the parts to First International.  Next flight out service from the closest warehouse to destination.  Put a smile on your technicians’ faces and your clients too.

  Warehousing Distribution
We have the ability to provide
warehousing that is product specific and accessible within minutes 24/7.

Because every shipment has an individual solution, we are able to pick your part or component and have it on its way immediately. We are Canada’s leader in the delivery of time-critical medical parts and components.

  Guaranteed Services
Our service is 100% guaranteed to the exclusion of flight delays or cancellations; Acts of God; and all usual pertaining exclusions covered by the Warsaw Convention.

Have a question? Need help with a shipment? Call us anytime, day or
night and one of our representatives
will be glad to assist you. Please call
1.800.3873896 or email

  Shipping Facts
Infectious Substances

Infectious substances or possible infectious substances require particular specifications on paperwork and packaging.They must be shipped according to IATA requirements. Talk to us about all your packaging needs.



ISO 9001:2015
We are very pleased to announce First International Courier Systems Inc’s quality management system (QMS) for global, time-critical logistics and transportation services is certified to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
First International Courier is committed to excellence. We are here to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Whether it’s a clinical trial in Taiwan with a delivery in Israel, or a 500 kilo part in Memphis for an MRI machine in Lachine.
We have you covered.
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