Company Profile
First International Courier can send any shipment through a network of critical delivery paths that span the entire globe.

We provide seamless, time-critical services throughout the supply chain, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We are here to take your call.

Borders are crossed, customs cleared without delay.  Our unique commitment to customer service ensures that each shipment is followed by an individual logician who takes personal responsibility for your shipment from inception to completion.

Nothing is consolidated.  Each shipment travels on its own waybill, with its own unique plan.

Whether it is an ambient vaccine, samples that must be maintained at 2° to 8° C, or shipments that must be frozen and stay that way – we have you covered.

It doesn’t matter if it is a 2 kilo shipment or a 2 tonne part for a medical imaging machine – it will arrive on time – every time.

Next Flight Out, Reverse Logistics, Cold-Chain Continuity, Direct Drives. Custom Warehousing.

One Company – One Mission.  One Service Level.

We are First International Courier and we are here to take your call.

Our Team
Our strength is our people

We’ve worked hard to become a world leader in critical delivery.

Since 1984 we have worked under a simple ethos: A true and unwavering commitment to customer service.

Honesty, integrity and reliability. We stand behind your product.  We guarantee our service.

Adrienne Rosen, President and CEO

Adrienne has been the Captain at First International Courier since she, Myra White and Helen Mills founded the company in 1984. A strong proponent of “cross training,” Adrienne believes that everyone in the company should know how to perform most operational and administrative duties and that “everyone should be able to drive a truck.” She has developed a quality assurance system for First International Courier that is based on a systematized quality model with a dialectical substrate.

“Quality, as a notion, concept or service is never complete.  There is always a better way of doing something.  We must continue to strive for excellence in customer service.”

  Myra White, Vice President and CFO
  Myra has worked from the inception of the company to build the company’s systems and designs to ensure accuracy.  She has designed KPI programs and other performance metrics that are customer friendly.  In addition, Myra manages all financial departments of the company.  “Clients deserve to have the data they require delivered in a medium they understand.”
Career Opportunities
Want to join the team? Are you a seasoned logistics professional or a slightly obsessive person that always wants to go the extra kilometre?

First International Courier is always looking for exceptional people.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of a corporation that is a world leader in Next flight out logistics, send us your resume.

Corporate Responsibility
Beyond our Corporate strategies and our rabid vision of customer service is a credo that is the foundation, the moral compass, the driving force that lives within each of us at First International.  A commitment to people.  All people.  

Some of our favorite initiatives:

Access Education Access Education Guatemala Children's Fund is a registered Canadian Charity founded by Adrienne Rosen and Myra White that puts children in school in Guatemala. In the last year alone, over one hundred children have been placed in school and taken the first steps to stamp out illiteracy. .
York University: First International Courier Entrance Award Value of Award: $1,000
The First International Courier Award is offered to one or more students proceeding from the Women's Studies Bridging course into a degree program in any Faculty of York University. The successful candidate(s) will be chosen from among those who obtained at least a grade of 'B' in a Women's Studies Bridging course completed in the period of September or June of a given academic year; have registered in a course for the following Fall/Winter, Winter or Summer session; and have demonstrated financial need on a bursary application form. Selection will be made by the School of Women's Studies.
News and Events

Did you know that First International Courier offers courses in the shipment of bio-infectious material?  Call us to find out when our next class begins.

Company President and CEO Adrienne Rosen recently travelled to Guatemala with High School students who volunteered at Access Education and studied Environmental Science and World Issues.


First International Courier takes it to the Lula Lounge on October 28th in our annual fund raiser for Access Education Guatemalan Children’s Fund.
Salsa on while being part of something special.,

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  Our Mission:
Any package, anytime, anywhere. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and use our logistical expertise to move goods and information throughout the world
with the greatest possible speed.

  Our Customers:
Customers drive our business.
Our customers come from all industries and all parts of the world. Our customers have three things in common: the need for immediate and around the clock service, the need for special handling, and the need for personal recognition that their time sensitive package will be personally expedited at the greatest speed and with the greatest care.

  Our Advantage:
Experts in critical delivery.
Any courier can deliver a parcel in three days. At First International Courier we measure success in minutes not days. Our mandate is to route a package faster than anyone in the business and to do so with exquisite care.
  Shipping Facts

Dangerous Goods
Shipping dangerous goods? 
Not sure?

To ensure the safety of the aircraft, there are certain things that are not
allowed on board and others that are allowed only under certain conditions.
Call us - ask first for the safety of all.



ISO 9001:2015
We are very pleased to announce First International Courier Systems Inc’s quality management system (QMS) for global, time-critical logistics and transportation services is certified to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
First International Courier is committed to excellence. We are here to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Whether it’s a clinical trial in Taiwan with a delivery in Israel, or a 500 kilo part in Memphis for an MRI machine in Lachine.
We have you covered.
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