Who is the most experienced Next Flight Out Company in Canada?

First International Courier is the oldest Next Flight Out-Direct Drive company in Canada. Formed in 1984 by Dr. Adrienne Rosen President with a $5000.00 loan. We are now entering our 31st year of business servicing Fortune 100 companies in Canada, The United States and the World

• Where are First International offices and employees located in North America?

First International Courier has offices and agents throughout North America
and the World.

• Who offers the only "Money Back Guarantee" in the industry on Next Flight Out - Direct Drive shipments on their Website?

First International Courier is the only Next Flight Out- Direct Drive company in North America that offers a Money Back Guarantee for service related issues within our control.

• Do you use Account Numbers?

No. We use your Company name, a unique feature, compared to our competitors.
No one wants to search for his or her company's account number at 2AM in the morning!

• Do we consolidate any Next Flight Out Shipments?

Absolutely not! First International Courier sends all shipments on a Priority single bill of lading (Master Air Waybill) with all commercial airlines for International and Domestic Next Flight Out shipments. We purchase guaranteed ride, the highest level of service available to ensure a 100% service commitment to your companies Next Flight Out shipment.

• What is unique about our Operation's Team?

Our Operations Team averages over 9 years of Domestic and International Next Flight Out- Direct Drive experience. UnLike our competitors, we do not operate in "Silos" with multiple Call Centers. All of our Logisticians are cross-trained as their career develops within First International. This way you can be assured you will be speaking directly to an expert, not a "phone bank."

• What is our annual turnover rate for our employees?

There is no company in the Next Flight Out- Direct Drive industry in North America than can boast a 0% Operational turnover rate over the last 10 years of doing business. First International operates as a "Team" and we treat our employees as our most valuable asset and promote an internal career path.

That is the reason First International Courier is the oldest, most respected and trusted Next Flight Out- Direct Drive company in our industry!

• Where does First International Courier offer Next Flight Out-Direct Drive Services?

Since 1984 First International Courier has established a complete Global Next Flight Out network. We service the World through a Network of offices and Time Critical Agents that understand time is everything 24-7 and 365 days a year. Weekend, after hours and holiday deliveries and pick up's are a normal operating procedure for First International Courier. First International Courier services every Postal and Zip code in North America.
There are NO Extra Charges. Our Direct Drive Services are available anywhere in North America and the World.

• Is First International a TSA and DOT certified carrier?

Yes, First International Courier has completed all certifications necessary with The TSA (Homeland Security) in the United States as well as the
DOT (Department of Transport Canada) to act on the behalf of all "Known Shippers" with the Domestic and International airlines.

• What are First Internationals size & weight restrictions for Next Flight Out?
First International Courier is only governed by aircraft size and space availability when tendering a Next Flight Out shipment on your behalf. We have no size or weight restrictions.

• What are our hours of operations?

In 30 years First International Courier has never closed. We offer live support around the clock, on a 24-7-365 basis to get your Next Flight Out shipment immediately on its way. We are always here to take your call.

• Do we offer Ground expedited Direct Drives?

Yes, First International Courier is asset based with company employees operating SUV's, Cargo Vans and 5 tons with tailgate. Direct Drives are available 24-7-365, weekends, after hours and holidays anywhere in North America and throughout the World. We are experts in Border crossings between Canada and the United States. First International Courier is compliant with the PARS and PAPS systems.

• Who carries over 70% of the Medical Device shipments for MRI Imaging companies in Canada?

First International Courier is by far the market leader when it comes to delivering Time Critical replacement parts for Medical Imaging and Medical Device companies.
We have built our reputation for unsurpassed Next Flight Out and Direct Drive service by maintaining inventory in forward stocking locations to keep "Machine Down" time to an absolute minimum. First Internationals Reverse Logistics Division also manages your return shipments for repair or repositioning.

• Who carries 75% of the Cord Blood & Tissue shipments in Canada?

First International is the recognized "Medical Courier" in Canada carrying over 75% of all Private Cord Blood Banks shipments in Canada. From the parents' hospital room to the Cord Blood Bank storage facility, we monitor temperature shipment movement throughout the cycle.

• Who carries virtually all cremated remains shipments in Canada?

First International Courier remains one of the only companies that offers "After Care" solutions to ship cremated remains anywhere in the world.

• Signature and Proof of Delivery Confirmation

When you use First International Courier one of our Logisticians will review your business rules for the communication process prior to start up.
We can set up either e-mail or voice for any step in the Next Flight Out process.

• Can I track my shipment online?

Yes. On the First International website on the bottom left of every page we offer tracing in real time as well as order entry. Please call First International for a Login and Password for your account.

• What is the turnaround time on a Next Flight Out quotation and routing?

First International's customer service specialists will respond immediately to a request for a quote.
Specific quotes can be requested by telephone or by email.

• What is the average driver on route time from call in for pickup?

When our Customer confirms an order we will have a Courier on route within 60 minutes

• Do we offer training courses for our customers?

Yes. We can conduct training courses in Dangerous Goods and International shipping and handling procedures by contacting Dr. Adrienne Rosen President First International Courier at: rosen@internationalcourier.com

  Our Mission:
Any package, anytime, anywhere. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and use our logistical expertise to move goods and information throughout the world
with the greatest possible speed.

  Our Customers:
Customers drive our business.
Our customers come from all industries and all parts of the world. Our customers have three things in common: the need for immediate and around the clock service, the need for special handling, and the need for personal recognition that their time sensitive package will be personally expedited at the greatest speed and with the greatest care.

  Our Advantage:
Experts in critical delivery.
Any courier can deliver a parcel in three days. At First International Courier we measure success in minutes not days. Our mandate is to route a package faster than anyone in the business and to do so with exquisite care.
  Shipping Facts

Dangerous Goods
Shipping dangerous goods? 
Not sure?

To ensure the safety of the aircraft, there are certain things that are not
allowed on board and others that are allowed only under certain conditions.
Call us - ask first for the safety of all.



ISO 9001:2015
We are very pleased to announce First International Courier Systems Inc’s quality management system (QMS) for global, time-critical logistics and transportation services is certified to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
First International Courier is committed to excellence. We are here to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Whether it’s a clinical trial in Taiwan with a delivery in Israel, or a 500 kilo part in Memphis for an MRI machine in Lachine.
We have you covered.
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